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Who is BAIC and is it a Trustworthy Brand?

What does BAIC stand for?

BAIC which stand for Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd, arrived in South Africa last year and had been creating storms at Gindra Motors and across the country. BAIC has been around since 1958, so they are no newcomers to the car manufacturing industry. BAIC automotive organisation is one of China’s big four cars manufacturers and has grown and continue to expand their footprint across the globe. BAIC who aim to be “the leaders in high quality and pleasant travel” have ensured that their cars are not only reliable but also offer a range of critical safety features, they are technologically advanced, providing high-quality products which are also environmentally friendly. The group supports low-carbon transport development and continues to do extensive research and development in making new energy efficient vehicles.

Where are BAIC cars made?

BAIC has set up several plants globally forming joint ventures with many other leading car manufacturing brands across the globe. BAIC which were previously fully imported into South Africa is now in the final stages of launching their R11bn plant at the Coega industrial development zone near Port Elizabeth. In July 2018 BAIC announced the completion of the semi-knocked-down (SKD) line and satisfactory progress on construction work streams of its vehicle assembly plant, further to this BAIC’s full-scale production of its compact SUV, the BAIC X25 will commence in 2018 Q4. This significant investment into South Africa with the set up a local plant showcases their intentions to stay in the country long term.

Are BAIC cars reliable?

BAIC Group as a car manufacturer continually makes significant investments in research and development. In 2009 BAIC Group purchased the core intellectual property rights of SAAB, changing the passive “market for technology” in China and used these practices in developing new technology. BAIC now uses this technology as an essential pillar in their development and manufacturing of BAIC vehicles. Although Gindra Motors can vouch for the reliability of BAIC cars, at Gindra Motors, we ensure we carry a full range of spare parts and will continue to service BAIC vehicles for many years to come, whether in or out of warranty.

BAIC for sale in Gauteng, South Africa?

Gindra Motors is proud to have BAIC cars available for sale in Gauteng, South Africa. Gindra Motors based in Kempton Park; however, we can supply BAIC vehicles across the country. To find out more, take an online tour of our cars by viewing our online product videos of our range of BAIC vehicles.

Why buy a BAIC car for Gindra Motors? We pride ourselves on forming long-term relationships with our client base, making you part of the BAIC family. We do this by valuing service over sales, and our team is focused on after sales support as much as they are on sales success.

Who services BAIC in Gauteng, South Africa?

Gindra Motors is proud to be one of the first official BAIC dealerships, offering sales and full after sales support. Gindra Motors services BAIC cars that are both in and out of warranty. With the demand for BAIC cars increasing daily we have recently upgraded our workshop facilities to accommodate the growth. There are often fears associated with new brands we had seen this in the past when we had Korean brands entering the market some years back. The obvious questions being around the availability of parts, service professionals and warranties if something goes wrong. Although we can vouch for the reliability of BAIC cars at Gindra Motors, we ensure we carry a range of spare parts and will continue to service BAIC vehicles for many years to come, and this is whether you buy the car from another dealer or Gindra Motors. We have carried out this promise previously with Gelly vehicles owner, as we still carry spares and offer servicing on these vehicles, even though the brand is no longer available in South Africa.



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