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JMC’s Changan Star III 7-seater Mini-van is a Robust Urban Roadrunner

Posted on 09/09/2020

South African motorists looking for an affordable passenger-loading option are becoming increasingly attracted to the Changan Star III 7-seater robust urban roadrunner. Apart from its attractive price-tag, the Changan Star 3 is practical, comfortable and economical on fuel consumption.

This 7-seater is easy to identify because of its striking appearance, which looks unlike any other vehicle on the road. It sits tall and, while the Changan Star 3 may appear narrow, it offers passengers a combination of comfortable seating with lots of head and legroom.

Features include air-conditioning, sound system, power steering and front-operated electric windows. The dashboard is kept simple and the instruments can be easily read.

Priced at under R190 000, this JMC 7-seater mini-van competes well with any other commercial vehicles in its category. It also offers a great  100 000/3-year warranty.

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