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The Changan Star 3 7-seater Price-tag Makes Opposition Eyes Water

Posted on 09/09/2020

With its unmistakable looks, JMC’s Changan Star III Lux 7-seater mini-van is making an impact on the South African transport landscape. Offered with a price-tag low enough to make its opposition’s eyes water, the Changan Star is providing the country with the ideal and affordable solution to serve a variety of needs. From start-ups needing to transport staff, to moms’ school runs and the tourism industry’s sight-seeing and airport shuttle-services, the Changan Star 3 is undoubtedly filling a much-needed gap in the local marketplace.

Apart from its R189 880 price-tag, this JMC 7-seater mini-van has an impressive fuel consumption of 6.5-litres/100km, so its 40-litre tank offers a lot of mileage. While its 1.3 engine may not be built for speed, it is a robust urban road performer with 1-tonne load capacity. The Changan Star is a rear-wheel drive with an easy to operate five-shift manual gearbox. Its wide windscreen and large side and rear windows eliminate blind spots. Loading passengers is also simplified with two side sliding doors. All of these features make it a truly practical option.

The JMC Changan Star 3 7-seater has a striking appearance, setting aside from the crowd. It has a neat front end with a big bumper section. Tall and narrow, the interior offers loads of leg and headroom. The dashboard is basic, with simple to read instrumentation. Radio and air-conditioning come standard in this model and overhead vents ensure good circulation of airflow in the interior of the mini-van. Other features include power steering and front-powered electric windows. It is sold with a 100 000km / 3-year warranty.

The Changan Star 3 may be somewhat basic, but it is affordable and comfortable and is filling a much-needed gap in the market. It offers the ideal solution for those looking for a cheaper alternative mode of transport and is available from GINDRA MOTORS and other JMC dealerships in South Africa.

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